“Sardegna Isola del Tessuto”

The Competition Announcement: Identity Lab/2 – 2018, published by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia – Council Office for Education, Heritage, Information, Entertainment and Sport – as part of the Priority Axis III “ competitiveness of the productive system.” of  POR FESR 2014-2020, Action 3.4.1 “Export promotion projects (destined to businesses and their aggregate forms, identified according to area and sector)”, aims to provide financial support to micro, small and medium enterprises in the cultural and creative sector and to promote their entry into international markets interested in the language and culture of Sardinia.

The Memoria Storica soc. coop, company that manages the MURATS – Regional Museum of Textile Arts in Sardinia, in agreement with the Municipality of Samugheo, in response to the announcement of competition Identity Lab/2, submitted a project for international enhancement of the cultural identity of SamugheoSardegna Isola del Tessuto”.

The project, created with the help of resources from theEuropean Union, the Italian government and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, is an international initiative that will include various intervention actions to circulate and promote the cultural and tourism traditions of Samugheo with, at its centre, the activity of sponsoring textile arts at the MURATS museum and by the local artisanal businesses and cultural elements. The export market  chosen for this promotional campaign is the United States of America, a market of particular interest on account of the high purchasing power of its citizens, their established interest in Italy and therefore, the potential to increase the focus on Sardinia, both in terms of tourism and market (exports to the USA).

The project includes the creation of an exhibition, to be held at one of the world’s most important textile museums: the George Washington Textile Museum in Washington, with items from the MURATS collection in Samugheo, as well as contemporary items and other representations of the local economy and culture. This will be followed by two dates for an incoming mission with foreign buyers at Tessingiu 2020 – Exhibition of Sardinian Arts and Crafts, held every year in Samugheo, and the Biennale of Fiber Art being held at the MURATS.

As well as these regional and international events, the project includes a specific  Communication plan to capitalise on and promote the identity values of the local culture and products by creating a brand, the  “samugheostory” website, an app “SamugheoApp” and by using widespread popular forms of  social media .



PROJECT TITLE Sardinia, Textile Island

CUP: E74J19000340007


FINANCING € 120,000.00

SOURCE POR FESR Sardinia 2014-2020

DATES Start 01.06.2019 – End 31.08.2020

CONTACT [email protected]


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