Comude di Samugheo
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The Town of Textiles

Samugheo, the town of textile art and much more.

Located in the centre of Sardinia, in a setting of lush vegetation, rocky gorges, and crystal-clear springs, Samugheo is one of the Borghi Autentici d’Italia (Authentic Villages of Italy) and offers its visitors a wealth of cultural, landscape, food and wine experiences.

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Paese del tessile

Samugheo, il paese dell’arte tessile e non solo.

Posto al centro della Sardegna, incorniciato da una folta vegetazione, gole rocciose e fonti d’acqua cristallina Samugheo fa parte dei Borghi Autentici d’Italia  e offre ai suoi visitatori una ricca offerta di esperienze culturali, paesaggistiche ed enogastronimche.

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Scorcio di Samugheo

The Town

Samugheo is in the very heart of the island and has almost 3000 inhabitants. It is part of the province of Oristano and belongs to the geographical area of Mandrolisai. It is known as “the capital of textile crafts“, and famous for its old buildings, folklore, Carnival tradition, cakes and pastries, and its typical local bread.

Tourism is a flourishing sector throughout the year, from start to finish.

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Textile Arts

Tessitrice al telaio

Typical Sardinian artisan weaving finds its ultimate expression in Samugheo.
It is here that skilled artisans weave together the warp and weft threads to create coloured pibiones weaves and spectacular designs. Authentic woven masterpieces that reflect Sardinia and its traditions.

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Museo unico regionale dell'arte tessile sarda

The Museo Unico Regionale dell’Arte Tessile Sarda (MURATS, or Museum of Sardinian Textiles) was founded to keep the historic memory of textile arts in Sardinia alive.
Take a look at some of the ancient textiles and collections that tell our story.


Folklore and Traditions

Fine, brightly coloured, traditional clothing – Mammutzones and Carnival masks from Samugheo are the distinctive, expressive elements of our local folklore. Each item is linked to a story that has been handed down through time.

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Mammutzones di Samugheo


Pane di samugheo

Bread is one of Samugheo’s finest speciality foods.
Samugheo can boast a lengthy tradition of baking and, infact,  one of the town’s major festivals is dedicated to bread.

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Events and Festivals

Eventi e sagre

There are many events and festivals that bring the town’s streets to life throughout the year.
Discover the typical traditions, aromas and flavours linked to the renowned hospitality of Sardinia.


Stories and Legends

Storie e leggende

Traditions and legends often go hand in hand. In Samugheo too, there are lots of places to visit, linked to our popular legends. Legendary characters and arcane creatures, whose stories are still told today

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Read our blog. Keep up to date with news, curious facts and information from Samugheo, as well as textile arts and much more.
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